12 June 2018

How a Sports Stadium Could be the Perfect Choice for Your Multi-Day Event

12 June 2018


So you’ve been left with the mammoth task of planning a multi-day event, and it can be hard to know where to start. Choosing your venue is going to be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as it will have a knock-on effect to all the other aspects. You need somewhere that’s going to tick off a whole host of different criteria, from capacity to nearby accommodation.

Most people only look at hotels and conference halls, but have you ever considered a sports stadium? Over the past few years, sports venues have massively invested in their grounds to offer top-class hospitality and events facilities, making them a popular first choice. Read on to find out exactly how they could be the perfect option for your next big event…


One of the biggest pros to a sports venue is the large capacity. The stadiums have been built with integrated spaces primarily for hospitality suites, which can now be utilised as a stage for gala dinners, award ceremonies, conferences and more.

For a multi-day conference, you need plenty of space for delegates to move freely. Sports venues often feature a versatile range of rooms that can help keep your attendees active and attentive as the day goes on.

State of the art facilities

Sports venues are kitted out with modern, cutting-edge technology that can be used during your event, such as sound and AV equipment, to ensure a seamless presentation. You’ll also have access to top-class events management teams, who will ensure you use the full potential of their sports venue.

The Point-1

Team spirit

You can’t really beat a sports venue for team spirit and cultural resonance, whether your guests are a fan of the venue's club or not. If you choose one local to your company, chances are your attendees will have an awareness of the venue’s significance. Avid fans will get to see a side to their club they don’t normally have access to, without losing a premium yet unique space that non-fans will appreciate.

The perfect blank canvas

Many rooms within a sports venue serve as a blank canvas that can be just as effective as traditional event venues. There’s often plenty of scope for different layouts and set-up options to suit your individual event, with the added bonus of some incredible views over the field or stadium. Large windows and high ceilings result in bright, airy spaces that inspire creativity.


Prime location

Generally, sports stadiums are centrally located in or close to metropolitan areas, with excellent transport links and car parking facilities. Your guests will be able to easily locate and travel to your venue, plus there are always plenty of accommodation options nearby. Many sports venues have linked hotel accommodation for maximum ease over your multi-day event.

So now we’ve persuaded you on a sports venue, you need to pick the perfect one! Check out our guide to holding an event in the city of Manchester and find out why Emirates Old Trafford might be in the best possible location for a multi-day conference.

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