How A Multi-Day Conference Can Benefit Your Business


A multi-day conference is the perfect event because it caters for everyone: you, your business, your clients and any other partners in between. You have the flexibility to put on a variety of activities to suit each of your delegates, whether they prefer an interactive workshop or an inspiring conference complete with a keynote speaker.

So, how can your business benefit from hosting a multi-day conference?

The chance to build your brand

What better way to promote your business than hosting an event? Events allow you to get your name out there; on emails, blog posts, social posts, all talking about your business. Don’t forget, you’re still building your brand during the event too, and if it’s successful, will hopefully reflect well on your brand. A multi-day event offers much more than a simple conference, as it gives your clients an opportunity to learn and network, whilst giving you the chance to show off your expert knowledge.

Meet face-to-face with prospects

Whilst a multi-day conference contributes hugely to helping get your brand recognised, meeting face-to-face with prospects also helps to form relationships. Having that face-to-face contact with customers, clients or colleagues is much more personal and can improve engagement.

These days, the power of technology has made meeting prospects rare, with the standard form of contact being via email or phone call. By offering an event held over multiple days, you’ll be able to have much more than a brief chat; there’ll be fewer time-constraints and you can host a variety of sessions to interact in different ways, whether that's an open discussion, an informal dinner, a fun workshop or more.

Strengthen your community

Organising a multi-day event can be stressful, as the range of activities over a number of days requires a dedicated, trustworthy team of people who work well together. This hard work will strengthen relationships within your business, bringing people together who don’t usually cross paths. Not only will this strengthen the community within your business, but it will also bring the industry community together. Allowing people to attend your event and meet fellow partners will increase your online engagement.

Networking opportunities

Whatever reason your prospects attend your multi-day event, and whether they are clients, customers or experts within your industry etc., it’s an opportunity to grow your network. Swap tips, offer advice and simply make conversations with other people in the industry - you never know how these contacts could help you in the future.

A content marketing exercise

In today’s marketing world, content marketing is at the forefront of all business strategies. From banner ads to sales messages, and emails, sharing powerful content grabs your audience’s attention. A multi-day event is perfect for creating a bank of content, for example, capturing video footage or getting customer testimonials. It’s also a great opportunity to flood your social pages, through live streaming your speakers and posting images from each day of the event.

The beauty of hosting a multi-day event is the wealth of opportunities that it produces for your business. The agenda is yours to make the most of: from having a morning conference, followed by an afternoon workshop, to an awards dinner in the evening, closed by a seminar the following morning, you’ll never get a better chance to connect and communicate with your audience. You’ll get to know your visitors throughout the event, building relationships and awareness of your brand.

 Tips to keep your multi-day event engaging