30 May 2018

#EOTWellBeing: What's Important About Space

30 May 2018


For the second month of our #EOTwellbeing campaign, we’re placing a spotlight on the importance of space.

Why is it relevant to business wellbeing? 

How can it be utilised to bring out the best in your delegates?

Here’s our top things to consider when booking your next event location…


Is the space giving you options? Can you offer delegates breakout rooms, or alternative areas throughout the day?

To keep guest engaged and performing to their highest level possible, it’s important to consider a change of scenery at least once throughout the day. A separate room for lunch, or place to relax, gives you the perfect opportunity to offer a more informal environment for your delegates to recharge.

Practically, event space is important if you’re going to need a place to sign-in or if there’s storage to consider – no one wants to be sitting on a box of spare cables…!

Room to think

Event space is crucial for delegate wellbeing because it encourages creative thinking and allows for thoughts to flow more freely.

Imagine being crammed into a small room with your peers, and then asked to offer supporting ideas for the company’s next big project – sounds intimidating! A high ceiling and room to move around your personal space eliminates some of that negative energy and will give your delegates enough air to feel confident in creating and sharing ideas.

The sky’s the limit!

Getting active!

It goes without saying, the more your keep your delegates moving, the better their levels of productivity will be.

If you book a venue with limited space, your event could quickly become stale and slow. It’s always best to give your guests short breaks, where they can ideally grab some fresh air or get their steps up, to help re-boost the mood in the camp.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large amount of event space, why not arrange some team building activities to really get the brains ticketing over? From short quizzes to ‘It’s a Knockout’ and anything in between – it all increases business wellbeing!


You might be wondering what the point of decorating a business event is, but stay with us…

Just because you’ve got the perfect venue size, doesn’t mean you should forget to personalise it. Branding up your meeting and event rooms will develop a sense of belonging and pride in your delegates, helping them to feel affiliated with one another and boost levels of productivity.

You might also want to brighten up the place a little! A boring space could make for boring thoughts, risking the strength of your team’s creative output. Could you consider using the room as a blank canvas for celebration? Use all the different walls to highlight and share successful projects over the year so far, it’ll be sure to encourage ambition for the months ahead!

Could Emirates Old Trafford be your next venue for a business event, with added wellbeing benefits?

Catering from ten to 2,000 people across a multitude of events, from small meetings to large exhibitions, our high end space is fully supported by dedicated and in-house services, such as event duty managers, IT support and experienced event planners.

With over 3,600m² of space, 38 meeting rooms, over 700 on-site parking spaces, handy transport links and a 150-bedroom Hilton Garden Inn hotel on-site, Emirates Old Trafford is an event organisers dream!

Here’s an overview of exactly what’s available to play with, not including our abundance of outdoor space…

 Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 11.22.21

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Check out our gallery of spaces, below...


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