8 June 2018

Conference Trends You Need to Know for 2019

8 June 2018


Holding an annual general meeting or conference review every year can sometimes lead to repetition and boredom. Who wants to sit through another six hour long review of the financial state of the business, surrounded by a few paltry pastries and room temperature water jugs?

 It’s down to the event organisers to keep things exciting and ever-evolving, which is no easy feat, especially when the agenda is generally going to stay the same year on year. Keep ahead of the game and use these up-and-coming trends that are affecting the events industry right now to have a major impact at your next conference or multi-day event.

Health and wellbeing aren’t going anywhere.

With Euromonitor International putting healthy living as one of the most influential megatrends to shape the world through to 2030, the focus on lifestyle habits and wellbeing will be prominent in 2019.

 People don’t want to attend a conference that involves sitting down for the entire day, which means you need to incorporate fitness throughout the event, be it through inviting a yoga coach in for a half hour session or finding a venue that allows dynamic movement through different areas. It will help keep people more awake and focused, which is always a plus!

 The power of the second screen.

You’re always going to be competing for audience attention with a screen that’s in their pocket. So why not make use of it? The rise of the ‘second screen’ is apparent everywhere, with television shows quickest off the mark to make use of it with linked apps that viewers interact with whilst they watch, acting as an extra judge or having a say in live votes.

 From slide-sharing your presentation directly with the audiences’ phone to real-time questions, polls and quizzes, there’s plenty of apps out there to help you maximise engagement during and after your event. Location specific filters are also a great way to encourage reactions and social reach!

 The rise of artificial intelligence.

If you haven’t seen or heard anything about AI, you must have been living under a rock. Its importance in events is going to continue and rapidly expand as the technology develops. Clever yet simple chatbots are going to be one of the most accessible ways to introduce this tech to your event, allowing you to create a system that can quickly answer attendee’s questions or you can use them as a fun feedback poll.

 It’s all about the experience.

Consumers want to be connected and enthralled - but the latter is pretty difficult to attain during a yearly review conference. Creativity is key and thinking of unique ways to get across your business aims is always going to have more of an impact.

 We’re seeing more event ‘festivals’ - essentially multi-day conferences but with extra pizazz, think food vans, live music and bars. The days feature workshops and activities that keep people moving, while the evenings allow for more informal networking opportunities.

 For more inspiration and ideas, check out our complete guide to conference trends in 2019. We’re looking at everything from food and drink to sustainability and virtual reality, with plenty of tips on how you can emulate these trends to make sure your event stands out from all the rest.

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