A Multi-Day Event: How To Upgrade Your Conference


If you’re in the midst of planning your annual conference, why not think about making a change this year and upgrade your conference to a multi-day event? With the pressure of bettering last year’s conference, you want to truly wow your audience and a multi-day event will do just that.

Multi-day events give more opportunities, enabling you to build your brand, meet face-to-face with prospects, strengthen your industry community and network. When planning a multi-day event, the venue is important. It should have enough event space to accommodate your range of activities and if possible, offer accommodation to your delegates for those who have travelled from further afield.

Here are some ideas for how you can upgrade your conference to a multi-day event.

Include interactive sessions:

Keep your delegates involved throughout your event: after listening to a speaker, plan an interactive session to follow. This will give your prospects chance to ask questions and get involved with discussions, enabling them to take more away with them from their experience. These interactive sessions could be:

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions/demos
  • Training
  • Team-building activities

Entertain your audience:

Give your audience more of an experience by entertaining them as well as informing them. A multi-day event gives you more flexibility and time, meaning you can schedule fun activities during the evenings. After a day of learning and networking, your delegates will be ready to relax and have fun before starting the next day. Entertain your audience with:

  • Live entertainment
  • Table theatre
  • Interactive games
  • Award ceremony dinner

Book multiple speakers:

If you’d rather keep your event circled around a conference, you can still host it over a multi-day event. You could book multiple speakers throughout the event, run over a number of days. For example, if you choose a specific subject as the campaign, you could book four or five different speakers to discuss their opinions and experiences around that topic. It’s a great way to give your prospects an insight to all angles of the campaign through listening to the experts.

Provide refreshments:

Listening, learning, and watching, all work up an appetite and we advise offering refreshments throughout the day rather than just at one time. Your delegates may have an early start, and therefore might be expecting breakfast, or alternatively, they might have an evening conference planned and therefore expect tea to be provided. 

Upgrading your conference to a multi-day event gives you the opportunity to really impress and delight your delegates. People learn in different ways and by having a multi-day event, you can host a huge range of activities that suit everyone, rather than being limited to just one conference.

Tips to keep your multi-day event engaging