25th October 2019

Six ways your association can boost membership levels

25th October 2019


There’s no such thing as too many members, they’re the bones of the association! Boosting memberships will simply help your organisation thrive. However, this isn’t something that can be mastered overnight, it takes time and effort, so, where do you begin? Well, start by thinking about your potential members. Why should they sign-up? What’s in it for them? The best way to boost membership levels is to put your members first.

Here are six tips for your association to boost membership levels...

1. Host networking events

Professional events are any association’s forte. Whether it’s an annual multi-day conference, awards night, quarterly dinner, exhibition etc. your members won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to mingle with professionals in the industry. It’s important to keep events relevant and fresh with hot-topics, expert speakers and industry insights. Your members will be the first to hear the latest news and product launches whilst networking with like-minded people.

Remember, it’s important to host multiple events, some that are members-only and some that are an open-invite. Members-only events should be exclusive and seen as a benefit for your members. Open-invite events give you the chance to attract potential members.

2. Constant contact

It’s important that you keep engaging with members through email marketing. This adds a personal touch and builds a relationship, encouraging members to renew when the time comes around. However, consistent contact doesn’t have to be just via email, other forms include social posts and blog campaigns, offering relevant and useful content.

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3. Socialise

Whether your focus is on retaining members, attracting new members or both, you need to discover where conversations are being had and get involved. Find out where your members chat, what they discuss and discover what they want to see as members. Using this information you can ensure you’re offering members content, services and products that are beneficial to them.

4. Be helpful

In everything you do, help. You want potential members to be able to trust you and refer to you as a reliable source. Provide useful content such as insightful blogs, eBooks etc. that will offer support and a solution to your members.

5. Celebrate both new and current members

Who doesn’t love a loyalty scheme? Offer incentives to those who renew their membership, whether it be discounts on industry services or access to an online, members-only portal. When trying to attract new members, grab their attention with a competition or offer a welcome celebration pack that includes exclusive rewards.

6. Offer membership levels

Sometimes, signing up to be a member of an association can be too much of a commitment, which is why having multiple membership levels could be a solution that suits both you and members. You can give them an idea of what becoming a member means without them having to commit to the full package. Each level will offer different benefits, so people can select which works best for them with the option to upgrade at any time.


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